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Welcome to Studio One Tattoo and Body Piercing Supplies, your reliable supplier of quality tattooing products since 1973. We carry the finest quality supplies from beginner kits to the professional tattoo parlor.

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Learn to Tattoo
Stretching the skin is critical t o getting the needle to snap through the skin.
If you do not stretch the skin it will bounce away from the needle and will take twice as long to do the tattoo and the final colour will not be as bright.
There are 3 ways to stretch the skin.

On an arm or a leg we can wrap our fingers and thumb around the place and gently pull the skin tight.

On a bigger area such as a chest we can simply press down with one or two fingers and pull the skin taught.

Stretching the skin between your thumb and index finger works anywhere.
Basic Course $300
Private one-on-one lessons

Takes 3 to 4 hours
Covers tuning, changing springs, outlining, coloring, stencil making and shading
We supply the equipment if you don't have your own. We teach both coil and rotary machines.

Most people can pick up the trade secrets within 3 to 4 hours
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