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Body Oiercing Catalog


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Flash Card Catalog

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Tattoo Flash Card Catalog
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Tattoo Flash Cards
Pages 1 to 3 Tab Books $29.95
Pages 4 to 14 N Sheets black & white $3.95 each
Pages 15 to 21 K Sheets black & white $4.95 each
Pages 22 to 85 C Sheets colour sheets with a black & white copy sheet $12.95 each
Pages 68 to 90 MH Sheets colour sheets $7.70 each
Pages 91 to 100 D Sheets colour sheets $7.95 each
Pages 101 to 112 A Sheets Black Tribal $5.95 each
Pages 113 to 114 X Sheets black & gray $10.95 each
All books and videos 15% OFF except A-Z Book
A-Z Book $74.95

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