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Tattoo Art Supplies

When doing shading hold the gun down at as low an angle as possible and brush out.

When making an outline hold the gun on a slight angle towards the direction you are moving so the needle perferations overlap and make an even line.
At the same time hold the gun as vertical as possible to the line so the needle is going straight into the skin. This will prevent undercutting which will cause a line to heal wide.

When colouring hold your machine at a deeper angle to the skin. This will drive in the colour more solidly. Make overlapping circles or strokes to colour. If you look at a coloured area and some small areas look purpley or burgundy that's raw meat. The colour is probably light there. So touch that spot up a bit and it should heal solid colour.
duplicating carbon
#5001 Duplicating Carbon
This duplicating carbon will make the brightest of all transfers.
1 sheet can make at least 10 stencils.
Use with our 100% rag tracing paper. 9 1/2" x 11"
50 sheet packs $49.95
10 pack $10.95
1 sheet $1.50

US Made Thermal and Freehand paper.
US Thermal Copy Paper comes in
8 x 11 and 8 x 14 sizes.
Please specify when ordering.
8 x 11 $49.95/100 sheets
8 x 14 $59.95/100 sheets
Freehand 8 x 11 $49.95/100 sheets or $11.95/10 sheets

Spirit Paper
Spirit Thermal Copy Paper STP

100 Sheets 8 1/2" x 11 $34.95
Ten pieces $9.95
1 sheet $1.50

VooDo tracing paper
#5004 VooDoo Brand Tracing Paper
100% rag prepared, ideal for making stencils with our hectograph pencils or ink. 8 1/2" x 11"
50 sheet pad $16.95
Mead Academie tracing paper
40 sheet pad $11.95

Stencil Stuff

Stencil Stuff State Of The Art
Used to transfer Paper Stencils to the skin
8 Oz Bottle $24.95
4 Oz Bottle $16.95

Dettol -excellent stencil Applier and Disinfectant 125 Ml (4.22 Oz) $5.95
750 Ml (25.35 Oz) $17.95

Stencil Stuff Works Great
Here is a stencil of a little heart I put on the palm of my hand using Stencil Stuff. I have washed the stencil 10 times with soap and water and it's still there.
By the way tattoos on the palm of the hand, bottom of the feet, inside the lip or on the elbows don't take very well.

practice skin
Practice Skins
These are nice thick skins and can be used on both sides.
1/8" Thick 6" x 6" can be strapped to the arm or laid flat $8.95

1/32" Thick 6" x 8" Not Shown Best laid on the 6" x 6" practice skin


Practice Skins 24S36
These are nice thick rubber skins and can be used on both sides.
10" x 14" x 1/8" Thick
Works much better than a pig's ear, a grapefruit etc.

If you are just starting or don't tattoo often use your practice skin half an hour a day and in a few days it will become quite natural to move the machine around and to hold it on different angles. Practice makes perfect.

$29.95 each

Drawing Pen Holder
Red or Black Handle

Hectograph ink
#1087 Hectograph Ink
Makes the boldest possible
1/2 fl. oz $14.95

Drawing Pen Refills
20 for $16.95
pen holder#1089 Universal Pen Holder
Holds Speedball pen points for use with hexographic ink.

Premium Light Box
16 1/2" x 12"
40 Cm x 30 Cm
Comes with 110 Volt Converter
Touch Control On/Off & Dimmer

Speedball pen ponit tip

#1088 Speedball Pen Point
A 5 point tattoo pen tip used with our Hectographic ink for making paper stencils.

hectograph pencils
Hectographic Pencils for making stencils $3.95
tattooing A to Z CD
The Art Of Tattooing

Over 60 Minutes Of Professional Tattooing
From Colour Work To Tribal
Tattooing A To Z Book

A Guide To
Professional Tattooing

Special Offer Tattooing A To Z Book and DVD Art Of Tattooing #DVD-BK
Both DVD and Book $112.95

I remember young guys would come into the shop. One would say did ever tattoo a tit? I'd look at him and say "yes and I never saw one I didn't like". They'd all laugh and then get some tattoos.

Some times I would have people in the shop looking at flash on the walls. I'd say "you know I'm the second best tattooist in Toronto?" Their eyes would widen and they'd "say who is the best?" The I'd say "all of them, just ask them". the people would laugh and get a tattoo.

Move slowly and evenly when making a line or colouring.
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