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Tattoo Guns

We Repair Tattoo Machines
Tune-Ups $19.95
Repairs $40 per hour labor - plus parts
For instance 15 minutes $10, half hour for $20

To adjust your machine to a smooth speed turn your contact screw back and forth until the machine sounds smooth.

Two elastics will hold needle on perfectly. Use our Spaulding elastics, they are the correct size. The cheap coloured ones from China don't work and are the wrong size.

The gap between the coil and and armature bars on my machines is 1/16 of an inch minimum. That's about the thickness of a fat quarter.
Spaulding and Rogers
Spaulding machines are the smoothest running coil machines I have ever seen. Spaulding machines have a 3 degree angle milled onto the back frame post this allows the spring to rest against the contact screw with less tension - resulting in a smooth running machine... Gary

After Percy Waters designed this style of frame, tattoo machines did not change much for the next 85 years.
Tattoo Gun22
Spaulding Puma
Very Smooth Running
"I believe", Spaulding coil machines are the best coil tattoo machines in the world. They all copied Spaulding. Some got it right others didn't. Don't be fooled - get a Spaulding, you won't be sorry. Gary
Tattoo Gun16
Light-Weight Quick-Change
Tattoo Gun18
Spaulding Supreme
Solid Work Horse
Tattoo Gun19
Spaulding Stinger
Designed Specifically for Outlining Best
Excellent Outliner

Tattoo Gun21
Spaulding Reaper
Has 1" coils

Tattoo Gun20
Spaulding Wolverine
Has 1" coils

Tattoo Gun17
Spaulding Supreme Deluxe
Chrome Engraved

gold plated tattoo gun
Spaulding Supreme Deluxe
Gold Plated Engraved
Tattoo Gun34
Spaulding Gold Plated
Supreme Deluxe

Chrome Plated Supreme Deluxe
Tattoo Gun33
Spaulding Rotary
Revolution 100RVT2
Quiet smooth machine

Thomas Edison patented the original coil.
Sam O'Reilly patented the first electric tattoo machine in 1891. Samuel O'Reilly was an Irish immigrant who was doing hand made tattoos in New York city.
Tattoo Gun31
National Deluxe Old Jonesy
Head $183.95
Unplated Frame $129.00
Plated Frame $145.00
Deluxe Unplated Kit $175.00
Deluxe Plated Kit $185.00
Deluxe Kits and Frames are Heavy Duty

Tattoo Gun13
National Fly-Weight Swing Gate
Head $232.95
Unplated Kit $198.00
Plated Kit $208.00
Unplated Frame $173.00
Plated Frame $185.00
Tattoo Gun15
National Swing Gate
Head $226.95
Unplated Kit $198.00
Plated Kit $208.00
Unplated Frame $173.00
Plated Frame $185.00
Tattoo Gun24
National Brass Mako
Brass Mako Head
Brass Mako Kit $222.00
Brass Mako Frame $185.00
Tattoo Gun28
National Super-Light
Super-Light Kit $222.00
Super-Light Frame $189.00
Tattoo Gun27
National Eagle
Head $247.95
Unplated Frame $205.00
Kit with Plated Frame $222.00
Unplated Frame $174.00
Plated Frame $199.00
Tattoo Gun29
National Talon
Stainless Steel Head $293.95
Kit $269.00
Frame $269.00
Iron Frames
Early Diagram of
Alfred Charles South machine
Early Diagram of
Charlie Wagner Machine
Tattoo Gun11
The Uni Iron Star
Chrome or Black
Tattoo Gun12
The Uni Strong Man
Chrome or Black
Frame, Armature Bar & Coil Cores made of iron increases this machine's MAGNETISM

MJ 01 - Iron Frame
Iron frames give the strongest magnetism
8 Wrap Liner or 10 Wrap Shader $98.95

Copper Frame Stays Cool
10 Wrap Liner
12 Wrap Shader


MJ 02 - Iron Frame
Iron frames give the strongest magnetism
8 Wrap Liner or 10 Wrap Shader $98.95
Tattoo Gun30
The Original Uni Apollo
This is the Grand Daddy
of the Apollo Line
Chrome or Black
tattoo machine
The Avenger
Frames May Vary

tattoo gun
The Rebel MG08

Tattoo Gun10
The Maverick

amber tattoo gun
Amber 10 Wrap $106.95
jonesey tattoo machine revolver
Revolver MT24

Lucky Horseshoe
tattoo machine
Golden Mile

Winged Dragon

10 Wrap
Pruple Haze tattoo gun
Purple Haze
10 Wrap

10 Wrap

Horizontal 10 wrap coil
in Black, Red, Purple, or Blue
cool wrap tattoo gun
Cool 10 Wrap MT28


Black Crow
10 Wrap

8 Wrap Midnight Special
HAND MADE $96.95

Moonlight Mile
8 Wrap
HAND MADE $96.95
Jonesey tattoo machine Glitter and Gold
Solar Gold MK01
Brightens up the shop
10 Wrap $96.95

tattoo machine
Solar II
10 Wrap $96.95

Black Maria MK 08
10 Wrap $96.95

8 Wrap Pacman
HAND MADE $96.95
tattoo gun the Zipper
8 Wrap Zipper
HAND MADE $96.95

A heavy duty beauty with Damascus Steel Frame
Sarasin tattoo gun
Made from
Patterned Damascus Steel
Triangle tattoo machine
The Triangle 10 wrap
* Comes with 3 Coils

slot machine tattoo gun
Slot Machine
Rotary Machines
Rotary machines don't need spring or contact screw adjustments.
A rotary machine is adjusted by simply turning the power up or down until the machine sounds like it's running good.

MR100 Rotary Machine
Reliable Swiss Motor
Frame 7075 Aircraft Aluminum CNC Technology
Cams: 2.5 mm 3.5 mm 4.2mm
Comes with free 8 foot RCA clipcord


Motor Plug

Swiss Motor


Cam SW-MR100
2.5 mm 3.5 mm 4.2 mm




Tube Vice


Needle Bar Retainer


Rotary Tool Kit


Rotary Machine
MR19-B Black
Clip Cord Only

Rotary Machine
MR19-B Purple
Clip Cord Only

Rotary Machine
MR19-B Red
Clip Cord Only

Rotary Machine MR07 Black
Tattoo Gun8
Alcatraz Special MR01
Extra Quiet Rotary
The Screws will never know
fully adjustable tattoo gun
Preying Mantis MR14
Fully Adjustable Stroke
This is a real nice fully adjustable rotary
rotary tattooing machines
MR 10
Available in Assorted Colours
Can be used with RCA adapter or clipcord
Spring dampened armature bar makes this machine very quiet.

Tattoo Machine Accessories
equipment cleaning
#1043 Clear Plexiglass Washout
Machine Rack holds six machines
Recessed holes in the top protects test tube from breaking. Measures 11 1/2" x 5" x 6 1/2" with rubber non slide grips on the bottom. Shipped unassembled with eight stainless steel self tapping screws.

Test Tubes For The Rack Above
test tube
Replacement test tubes to fit our Tattoo Machine Racks #1043
$2.95 each
Plexiglass Tattoo Machine Stand
Holder For Single Gun $3.95

Machine Holder

Holds two machines
Cannot be sterilized. Use with Barrier Film
Comes in white or grey $14.95

Barrier 1200 sheets 4" x 6" $27.95

Test Tubes For The Rack Above
test tube

Replacement test tubes to fit our Tattoo Machine Racks #EFA 1
Made of Pyrex and can be placed in any sterilizer.
Measures 6 " x 3/4" $2.95 each


tattoo machine rack
#EFA 1 Tattoo Machine Rack
Holds 8 tattoo machines made of plexiglass and is sanitary white in colour. It is constructed without the use of screws and has an open front for easy cleaning. Machine Rack comes complete with eight test tubes dimensions 16" wide x 7" high x 3" deep. This fine looking piece of equipment has two holes two screws (included) for wall mounting. $89.95


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