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Tattoo Studio Tools
armature bar alignment tool
Armature Bar AligningTool
Helps line up the armature pin and the tube hole easily
Handles may vary
Junior Hand Punch
hand punch
#1038A Junior Hand Punch - Punches Through 16 mil Steel $49.95
Files And Eye Loops
files and eye loop
cleaning brushes
C Series 5 Piece
Cleaning Brush Set $3.95
cleaning brushes
US Series Tube Cleaning Brushes

Brush A is used to clean all tube barrels and 15 Mag tube tips
Brush B is used to clean 6 flat Shader and 9 Mag Shader tube tips
Brush C is used to clean 4 flat, 6 flat and round Shader tube tips
Brush D is used to clean Precise Liner, Cut away liner, regular 1-3 regular 1-3-5 and Square Liner tube tips

Brush E is used to clean Single or Precise Liner tube tips sold separately)
All Brushes $6.98 each

Brush Set is a set of 4 brushes A- B- C and D $18.95

Soldering Kits
solder flux
#2035 Pint Of S/S Flux $11.95
#2036 S/S Solder 30" $8.95
#2037 S/S Flux 4 oz $5.95
#2038 S/S Solder One lb Roll $47.95
  Acid Paste Flux $4.75
Miniature Antex Soldering Ironssoldering irons

These soldering irons are a major improvement for making tattoo needles. The tips slide on directly over the heating element. The tips can't freeze onto the heating element and there are no threads to bind, or set screws to freeze.
Both are 110 volts

S11N 19 watts $34.95
S12N 25 watts $44.95


Alloy Steel
Alignment Jig

Align and Assemble
Springs and Armature Bar
Adjusts to length
$18.95 Each


Alignment Jig
Align and Assemble
Springs and Armature Bar.
Order by width of
Rear Spring
#4BA114 fits 14mm or 1/2" wide spring
#4BA116 fits 16mm or 5/8" wide spring
Adjusts to lengths.

T Tool Metric Set $5.95
2 MM - 2.5 MM - 3 MM
MA37 Allen Keys
Allen keys
3 Piece American Allen Key Set $3.50
2 Piece Metric Allen Key Set $2.95

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